The Company

The company C. H. KUHNE Maschinenbau was founded in 1863 in Altena/Westfalen and is still a family-owned Company in the 4th generation.

From the beginning machines for processing wire by transforming have been built, first of all mainly for the manufacture of nails and rivets, which were already then used in larger quantities.

At about 1890 the development and manufacture of machines for producing screws started.

After moving to the Rhine, devastation in the Second World War and reconstruction by the Founders grandsons - Carl Heinrich and Johannes Kuhne - they have chosen Dormagen which is a place to enable intensive development work at highest possible specialization and therefore making possible to reach a market share of up to 80% with their Transforming Machines.

The Cold Transforming Technology is an environment-friendly, cost saving and fullyautomatic way of manufacture which gives highly precise products, mostly without material loss. That means permanent change-over to this way of manufacture and therefore increasing demand for machines for the mass production of parts from steel and non-ferrous metals.

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